SPOBI (SportsBeingIntelligent)

Basel, Meret Oppenheim Platz Südseite Bahnhof SBB

03.09.2019, 16:00 - 16:30

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Digital Region Basel

SPOBI is a sports data management app at no cost, that goes beyond simple training or coaching tools to become a total solution to all training, organizing and motivational needs of athletes. SPOBI is both a sports tech data company and a marketing business distributing goods and services. The app is designed to help people improve themselves and build a personal profile, but also to connect people with products, generate revenue through sales and collate data at scale for market analysis. SPOBI has created the perfect interface for athletes and their supporters; coaches; teams and clubs to monitor progress, arrange events, challenge each other, push limits and gain rewards for their hard work and success.
Compatible with Apple and Android systems, the app combines world-leading performance software with tools for tracking, messaging, scheduling, retail and social media. SPOBI can work for every kind of sport, and presents many opportunities for partnerships, promotions, intelligence sharing and further scaling as its user base grows.